It's time for us to compare the most famous people in New Jersey a decade ago to the person you just voted as the most famous in the state now.

We looked back in the record books to see who was named the biggest New Jersey celebrity ten years ago.

2024's Most Famous New Jersey Celebrity

We found a list of the most famous celebrities in each state 11 years ago, and New Jersey had a tie for the top spot.

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The year was 2013, and the source was Business Insider. The results were not surprising. There was a tie for the top spot.

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Eleven years ago, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi tied for the top spot. We were curious if just over a decade later New Jersey residents would choose those rockers, or another celebrity as the biggest in the Garden State.

New Jersey's #1 Celebrity Hasn't Changed

We recently asked New Jersey residents which New Jersey celebrity is the most famous in our state in 2024. Let's see how much has changed.

We thought one of the funniest answers we got was from John in Old Bridge who thinks the honor should go to Jersey Mike. That's good Jersey humor. Well played, John.

Now, on to the results. It looks like 50% of the time nothing changes in New Jersey. You voted for Jon Bon Jovi as the most famous New Jersey celebrity.

Interestingly enough, Bruce Springsteen did not come in second place. Frank Sinatra did, and Bruce came in third.

Bruce Willis and Whitney Houston got their share of the votes as well.

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