Obesity is a critical concern for everyone's health, so how did New Jersey do when it comes to national obesity ranking?

You might be surprised, and happily surprised at that, to find out that in a recent nationwide study on obesity, New Jersey ranks in the bottom 20% in obesity, meaning we are among the least obese states in the nation.

According to the study reported at stateofobesity.org, the Garden State ranks #41 for the percentage of most obese adults.  New Jersey has 26.9% of all adults considered obese (BMI of 30+). The state with the highest percentage is Arkansas (35.9%), and the least obese state is Colorado at 21.3%.

The results did surprise me a little. Let's be honest, we love to eat in New Jersey, and some of our favorite foods aren't exactly low calorie, low fat treats. But good for us for being committed to our work out programs. Good job New Jersey!

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