Looking for a fun addition to your New Jersey summer bucket list? How about grabbing a drink at the oldest bar in New Jersey?

There is a bar you can go to in the Garden State and sit at a place where the earliest Americans sat for a drink.  They sat there before America was America.

The Oldest Bar In New Jersey

Here's how the story of Barnsboro Inn goes. A man named John Barnes owned a home in Mantua Township at the intersection of five main roads.

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It was a log cabin that was built by John Budd in 1720. He thought it would be a great place for a tavern, and in March of 1776 petitioned the county for a license.

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He got that license, and all these years later, the tavern is still standing and going strong. It sounds like John Barnes was right about having a great spot for a tavern over 250 years ago, and it still is.

Where Is The Barnsboro Inn?

Get ready to put Barnsboro Inn Sewell on your summer bucket list. Even though it's not mentioned on their website, Insider says it's the oldest bar in the entire state, and that's an awesome conversation piece.

You can sit there and imagine what it looked like, and what the patrons were talking about right where you're sitting at the infancy of America.

These days, you can order a Red, White, and Bacon Bleu Burger and a cold one, and enjoy a nice meal at a place that has truly stood the test of time.

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