The oldest tourist attraction in New Jersey was built nearly 400 years ago and is one of the oldest surviving log cabins in America.

Can you imagine a construction company building a structure today and guaranteeing it will still be standing four centuries from now?

The Oldest Log Cabin In The Western Hemisphere

If the builders of Nothnagle Log House, Finnish settlers in the 17th century, offered the guarantee, they would be proud of their work.

The log house, located in Gibbstown, was built between 1638 and 1645 and Business Insider says it's one of the oldest log cabins in America.

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It is temporarily closed to visitors now, but you could tour the historic site in years past. The structure also got some real estate buzz a couple of years ago when it went up for sale.

Nothnagle Log House Sold After Price Cut

After some time on the market, the price was cut by $2.6 million, and the building was sold in October 2023, according to Patch.

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Experts say the log cabin did have a value close to the original asking price because of the many irreplaceable artifacts included inside.

The cabin's historical name is the Braman Nothnagle Log House, and it has been on the National Register since 1976.

If you want a glimpse of this piece of American History, you'll find the Nothnagle Log house on Swedesboro-Paulsboro Rd. in Gibbstown, NJ, which is not far from the Delaware River in southwest New Jersey.

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