Ballsey move, New Jersey. Ballllllsey move.

New Jersey a twitter account and some of these tweets and replies have me dying of laughter because they could not be more accurate.


Okay, back to business. One of the tweets has caught a lot of peoples' attention because...well.....they made a BIG claim.

We are now the Pizza Capital of the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How mad do you think New York City is right now? LOL. Eh, whatever. Not our problem.

And to be honest, this self-proclaimed victory is not that far off.

There are so many New Jersey pizzerias that I have tried that have me salivating for their specific pizza dishes on the regular. Yes, New York City pizza is good. But it is not like I am jumping on a train to get a slice of pizza.

Plus, boardwalk pizza....HELLOOOOOOO.....

So yes. This may have started a bit of a war but I think it is one we can take.

Do you? Any places you suggest? Now do you want pizza as bad as I do?

Take a look at the original proclamation on Twitter and the original article at

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