It’s easy to spot a tourist on New Jersey’s roads by looking at the plates, but there are other ways to know just by watching them drive.

We asked drivers all over the Jersey Shore to tell us an easy way to identify a tourist behind the wheel without ever having to look at their license plates.

The Best Ways To Know A Driver Is A Tourist

New Jersey drivers are very attentive and you tell us it’s easy to find a tourist behind the wheel, and here are the top three driving habits that Garden State drivers tell us to give them away every time.

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Left Lane Abuse. If you live and drive in New Jersey you know the left lane is for faster moving cars trying to pass. It’s not for a car doing 40 mph on the Garden State Parkway. That would be a tourist.

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The Exit Pauser. Are you driving behind a car pausing at every sign and exit? Don’t waste your time looking down to read the license plate. You’re behind a tourist.

New Jersey Traffic Circles

The Circle Of Confusion. We have to be a little gentle on this one. After all, half of the New Jersey drivers, even good ones, get perplexed at any of our legendary New Jersey traffic circles. Imagine what’s going through a tourist's mind when they stumble upon one.

These are just a few ways New Jersey drivers can spot a traveling tourist without ever looking at their license plate. It could be your new superpower this summer.

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