Ah...Teachers: probably one of the hardest and important yet underrated jobs out there.

Well, The Bureau of Labor Statistics decided to do some research on how much teachers are getting paid and how that number differentiates by state throughout the USA.

New Jersey's ranking actually surprised me...almost to the point that I don't believe it.

If you take a look at the original article ranking all 50 states, New Jersey ranks as the state with the 5th highest average annual salary for teachers. The number? $76,430 with the median salary being $66,117.

Based on what I hear from teachers, especially those around my age, is that the average salary is WAY LOWER. Is this including principles and other authoritative positions that obviously make a lot more than your typical teacher?

Teachers...weigh in....am I off?

Take another look at teachers' earnings throughout the USA at  NJ.com.
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