According to one report, New Jersey is home to one of the best places in America for a bike ride.

Summer is a great time for a leisurely bike ride—the wind in your face, the calories burning, and all the great sights to see.

The Best Towns For A Bike Ride

There are hundreds of great places for that great amazing bike across our beautiful nation, and one publication has named a New Jersey town among the best in the nation for a bike ride.

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Congratulations to Hoboken New Jersey for this nice honor. The findings were published by People For Bikes.

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The data broke down the top towns for biking into several categories, including large, medium, and small cities.

Which Town Has The Best Biking?

Hoboken was named among the best medium-sized towns for bike rides. Now there's another reason to visit the great town of Hoboken.

If you love biking enough to travel to the best places to bike in America, here are some other towns that made the list.

Minneapolis and Seattle are the best large cities for a bike ride. Hoboken joins Davis, California, and Cambridge, Massachusetts on the list of medium-sized cities that are great to bike in.

And if you love the thought of a wonderful bike ride in a small-town setting, then the report says you need to head to Provincetown, Massachusetts, or Mackinac Island, Michigan.

We wish you happy biking wherever you decide to do it. And please bike safely.

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