We love Memorial Day Weekend. All along the Jersey coastline, it's the celebration that we've waited for all year long. However, the celebration most people refer to, truthfully, is the launch of the summer season.

Memorial Day Weekend signals a harsh "so long" to the cold and gloom and an exuberant "hello" to summertime! The sun, the sand, the water, the boards... does it get any better?

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That's not what Memorial Day is about, though.

While you're soaking up the sun and barbecuing the day away, don't forget to take a moment to reflect and remember the true meaning of this holiday - our country's fallen heroes. They are the real reason we pause the country for the day.

Every single one of us has ties to the military, somehow some way. Whether it's a parent, an aunt or uncle, a cousin, siblings, grandparents, a friend, or whomever close to you has served, if they're alive and well today, count your blessings.

So many people have lost a loved one that's fought for our freedom. These heroes are the backbone of the country, the real reason we remain free. They're why we get to define America as "the home of the brave." And they certainly were...

U.S. Marine Corps via Facebook

To all those who've served, living and deceased, we've said it before and we'll say it forever: Thank you for your service.

Have a fabulous weekend and an amazing Memorial Day!

God Bless America.

Source: Facebook

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