I had NO IDEA so much went into repairing our dunes! More than getting the project funded and approved, the sand selection (if not dredging the sand from the ocean floor) is super specific.

The Toms River Township Council approved a contract this week for $438,525 to repair the dunes that were badly damaged in the February nor'easter we had back in February. Since this got approved they can move forward and work diligently to get our beaches ready for Memorial Day weekend.
You’ll be seeing Earle Asphalt hall loads and loads of sand to Ortley Beach. Of course they will grade the beach as well looking for hot spots of damage from the storms. A fencing contractor will make the finishing touch repairs as well. I didn’t realize this, but there is actually a specific and detailed process to selecting the sand that is used for the project. The township had to follow strict guidelines from the state Department of Environmental Protection in choosing the sand, which has to be similar in the size of the grains to what exists on Ortley beaches. Even the color is compared and matched to it blends in!

Earle Asphalt got lots of practice in the area of storm recovery after Superstorm Sandy. They will source sand from a quarry and dump it in the middle section of Ortley Beach, from the Block House to the Lord House. The township has applied for FEMA reimbursements and they are also hopeful that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will reimburse at least a portion of the costs for all these repairs.

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Lord knows we are ready to get onto out beaches and enjoy a summer of fun so thank you to everyone working so hard on this restoration! I've got my beach towel ready.
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