New Jersey is passionate about a lot of things, and the snow is definitely one of them.

Heads up, New Jersey - we're expecting more snow tomorrow (which you probably knew about by now).

And whether you love snow or hate it (I happen to fall into the second category) you have been vocal about it on social media.  And in true New Jersey form, you're not holding back.

I scanned through Twitter to find the most relatable New Jersey tweets about the upcoming snowstorm.  Sit back and enjoy (and stay warm, of course).  Oh, and keep in mind that some of the language used isn't safe for work (or little eyes).

We're pros at handling the snow

Even if it is annoying, New Jersey isn't afraid of a little snow, as shown by this tweet.

Seriously - other states can take notes from us.


Not all states are as tough as New Jersey.

Make up your mind, Mother Nature!

What the heck is going on with this weather?  We had a bunch of warmer temps, and suddenly - BOOM, snow!

But really, can we get some consistent weather out here?


This back and forth is driving us all CRAZY!

There was no holding back when it comes to feelings about road conditions:

Tell us how you really feel!


I mean, as harsh as her words were, she's kind of right.  Clean off your cars before getting on the snowy roads, people! (Also I'm choosing to ignore the part where she said New Jersey does little right).

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