There are a lot of weird things here in New Jersey. There are weird gestures and weird reactions, but what about weird buildings? Can you guess which New Jersey building was named the weirdest by a major website?

When I think of weird buildings in New Jersey, my mind immediately goes to the supernatural. So. Of course, I’m thinking about Cape May. A good ghost story can turn a beautiful building weird in a heartbeat.

Weird Buildings In Cape May New Jersey

Just think of those legendary Victorian homes up and down the roads of Cape May. Add a couple of spirits into the mix, and suddenly you have a bucket full of weird. But Cape May isn’t the home of the Garden State’s weirdest building, at least not according to House Beautiful, and reported at

As my mind takes a trip around the state, I think of many historic buildings, and buildings with great stories surrounding them, but without a ghost or two, I’m finding it hard to attach the word “weird” to any of them.

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So, it’s getting more intriguing to try to determine which building the experts picked as the weirdest building in the state. Here’s a hint. It’s located in Flemington. Think you know it yet?

Strange Hotel In Flemington New Jersey

Their choice is an interesting one that makes a lot of sense when you think about it. But don’t feel bad if you didn’t guess it either. It’s a tough one. They selected the Union Hotel in Flemington as the weirdest building in New Jersey.

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Why did they pick that place? It turns out that the Union Hotel was the place where jurors and journalists gathered during the trial of the murder of the Lindbergh baby back in 1934.

This amazing building was built back in 1878 and only gets the “weirdest” title because it happened to be across the street from a courthouse.

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