There is no question that fast food is a big part of New Jersey life. We even have 5 dozen of the worst fast-food places in America here in the Garden State.

According to a story at Fox5NY, a study was done that looked at TripAdvisor reviews nationwide and we now know the worst fast-food chain in America according to your reviews.

The Worst Fast-Food Chain In America

The chain that got the most bad reviews was Kentucky Fried Chicken, and New Jersey has a lot of KFC locations.

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Here in New Jersey, we have about 5 dozen locations of KFC, so somebody loves what they're getting there.

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Nationally, Burger King, which came in second, and 3rd place McDonalds weren't far behind.

The Reasons For The Bad Reviews

According to the report, some of the reasons for the poor reviews were related to service, food quality, and cleanliness.

According to All Recipes, the most popular fast-food chain in New Jersey is White Castle, and they did not make the top 10 worst fast-food chains list at all.

I do want to stick up for fast-food workers in my neck of the woods at the Jersey Shore. I have been to each of the chains mentioned in this article in my area, and I have had positive experiences at each.

Sometimes, I think the complainers talk louder and get more attention in our world, but no one should assume that all complaints are invalid because of that. Each complaint should be addressed so everyone enjoys a positive experience at their favorite fast-food restaurant.

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