Well isn't this a nice surprise this Thanksgiving!

The coldest winter months are still ahead and that means all of our gas bills are going to skyrocket into the stratosphere.

Well not if New Jersey Natural Gas has anything to say about it.

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NJNG is giving consumers a break by issuing bill credits to their residential and small commercial customers which will apply to the time period between December 1st to December 31st.

For the average Jersey Shore resident, this credit will save you $19.31 for your December bill which equates to an decrease of approximately 11.2%

As we head into the winter months when the weather is typically colder and heating costs higher, we are pleased to provide this bill credit to our customers.” said Steve Westhoven, president and chief executive officer of New Jersey Natural Gas, in a statement.

And thank goodness because our heat is going to be blazing and our stoves and ovens are going to be hard at work cooking comfort food during this strange holiday season.

If there was ever a year to help customers out, 2020 is it.

Thousands are still unemployed and relying on Governor Phil Murphy's recently passed bills to not be evicted or have their utilities turned off.

Plus, there are a lot of people who have been able to keep their jobs but have had to take a pay cut because of the economic ramifications of 2020.

New Jersey Natural Gas -- amazing call and thank you for helping out our fellow Jersey Shore residents.

Take a look at the original sources for this article at WOBM.com, APPNews.com and APP.com.

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