Estately recently dug into Google to see what Valentine's gifts we are searching for the most state-by-state.  Was Jersey boring, or were our searches naughty? 

One word. BORING!


New Jersey's most searched Valentine's gift was 'box of chocolates.'  Really?  If this is any indication of what's to come February 14, we better up our game.

Other states in the country were way more exciting.  For example, Virginia's biggest search was 'Kama Sutra.'  Now that's what I'm talking about! lol.

They say everything is bigger in Texas. The Lonestar State's most popular Valentine's gift search was 'plus sized lingerie.'

Our neighbors to the west in Pennsylvania apparently have an interest in 'edible underwear.'  That was their big query.

In terms of being kinky, Wyoming beat us! Wyoming!  They get right to the point with their most popular Valentine's gift search being 'sex toys.'

Check out every state's result, here. Some of them are hilarious!

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