The computer I use here in the studio didn't have access until about an hour ago.

If it weren't for my iPhone, I really might have gone insane today. When did we all become so dependent on technology??

I am pretty much online all day. If I'm not talking on-air, I'm looking at websites for things to talk about, or writing articles like this one.

No access to any of that? What do I do??

Well, for some stuff, like finding out the local temperatures, I'm very glad I had my iPhone. Other than that, I had to...wait for it...THINK.

I remember in college we did a "technology blackout" for a week in my sociology class. No computers, cell phones, microwaves, alarm clocks...the only thing allowed was lights.

After three days, I felt myself getting serious anxiety. It was unreal. I was actually panicked that I couldn't check Facebook and e-mail. Why?

I remember life before a cell phone and AOL version 2.5 (complete with dial-up internet!) It wasn't THAT long ago...

I guess it's just the nature of the world we live in now. Sometimes it's a strange reminder of how things used to be though!

How much do you rely on the internet? Share your thoughts below!