Candy canes will forever be a symbol of Christmas. The original "candy stick" first became famous in 1837. Of course, we can never keep things simple, each year different candy cane flavors have been put on shelves for us to buy. Some tasty but some utterly disgusting. After reading Joe Kelly's article about clam flavored candy canes, I looked up the top worst candy cane flavors... THIS IS WHAT I FOUND...

Clamdy Canes - A candy cane that tastes like a clam. This candy cane is only for the extreme seafood fans but still... even if you love clams, sucking on that flavor for a good ten minutes would easily get old. Regular clams on the grill are great, especially with butter and hot sauce but as a candy cane??? COME ON!! NO WAY!!

Wasabi Candy Canes - YIKES! This is easily one of the strongest flavors on the list. Often a side condiment for sushi, wasabi tastes like strong horseradish. These candy canes are not sweet and prepare for the flavor to clear your sinuses.

Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes - Chicken is always a tasty holiday dinner, but as a candy cane flavor? NO THANK YOU. However, nothing is better than waiting in line at the grocery store and spontaneously buy a rotisserie chicken. Maybe if the rotisserie chicken candy cane had a hint of BBQ sauce?!

Coal Candy Canes - These are for the kids who made Santa's naughty list. If you find these candy canes in your stocking, it might be a rough Christmas. Coal candy canes are a smoky cinnamon flavor so for some of you this might be the best option on the list.

Bacon Candy Canes - Many of us love bacon but sucking a candy cane that tastes like bacon might be over the top. This is for the intense bacon lovers! What's next, a pork-roll candy cane?

Out of the 5 worst candy cane flavors, which do you think would be your favorite and least favorite? Comment on Facebook or tap chat on our 94.3 The Point App. Merry Christmas and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! - Jimmy G

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