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Nancy said it best on the show this morning. Her dream man is a guy in a hard hat and a utility belt. It hasn't always been that way, but Nancy hasn't had power in 11 days.

When the power is out, there is no feeling quite like the one you get when you see the utility crew driving down your street. You want to run out, flag them down and get the update. You want to thank them for their hard work. And you want them to like you, so they'll stick around until the power is back on.

I have met crews from Texas and Ohio who have come to help, and we thank them for that. I have also met the local crews, who are working until they physically can't go anymore, and we thank them too.

These crews are like rock stars when they show up, and why shouldn't they be treated that way? They have certainly earned it. And I'm sure anyone who still doesn't have power, would scream like they wanted an encore if those crews could hook them up soon!