Did you know that November is World Vegan Month?  This is a time to reflect on the Vegan Culture and determine what kinds of measures we can take to reap the rewards of a Vegan Lifestyle.  I was especially interested in the Vegan recipes as I am always up for trying new foods.  And, yes, I have to share with you.  You don’t mind, right?  According to the Vegan Society website, the current focus during these difficult times is to, “Live Vegan for Less.”  The idea is to find cost effective ways to continue living a Vegan lifestyle and to share the information with others as a form of empowerment.  Their website gives you the opportunity to share your own personal budget tips and you can also submit your own budget recipe.  One of the recipes I was experimenting with was a new take on the classic sausage and peppers.  By the way, during the pandemic, I have been experimenting with different recipes, with some “hits” and too many “misses” to count, but it’s all good.  In my local grocery store, I came across a sausage brand called Beyond Meat, which is plant based and GMO, soy, gluten free.  How do I sum up my new and improved sausage and peppers recipe in a single word?  Yum!  If you’re wondering about the sausage casing, it is made from alginate, which is a natural and edible product.  Let’s just say, I am now inspired to try their other plant-based products such as Beyond Meatballs and Beyond Burgers.  The Beyond Sausage, by the way, comes in the sweet and hot variety.  In my recipe I did a mix of both.  Did I already say, Yum?  The Beyond Beef product can be used for stuffed mushrooms and tacos.  A bonus health advantage is that the products are cholesterol free.  Their main ingredients include plant proteins, coconut oil as a source of fat and flavors from beet juice and apple extracts.  To learn more about Beyond Meat’s mission, products and recipes click Beyond Meat.  Now, I can enjoy new recipes with the feel good feeling of eating healthy and doing my small part to positively impact climate change.  So, the next time you are in the grocery store, give Beyond Meat a try.  And now, I have some cooking to do.

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