The storm is finally over...finally, finally, finally but there is need for some caution as you head out today.

If you don't have to go anywhere this morning, please stay home and be safe as the public works and plowing crews clean up our streets.

This could of very well been the worst of the four Nor'Easter's this month with nearly 10-12 inches or more of snow in parts of our area this morning.

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden says the powerful storm put a lot of pressure on the trees.

"We have a lot of the heavy, heavy snow on the tree branches in different areas and that's leaning on the power lines and taking some of them down," Golden said.

Even though the storm is over, we're still feeling impacts at the shore especially with two high tide cycles today that may cause some flooding.

Golden urges caution when you head out.

"This snow is so heavy that it's going to pack the storm drains and we may not be able to get proper drainage off some of the streets," Golden said. "You have to be careful of all that pooling and puddling as well."

He stresses safety first when you head outside today and that's not just on the roads.

It's on your driveway also.

"Be careful. The snow is very heavy to move around. Take some breaks, don't stress out...this is where you can have medical condition occur when you're moving such heavy snow," Golden said. "When you do get an opportunity to head out, if you have a fire hydrant in front of your house, please, shovel it out and help our firefighters and first responders."

As cleanup continues the temperatures will drop by tonight and that could make things troublesome on the roads into Friday morning.

Golden says take it slow when you're out there.

"Give yourself time and more time," Golden said. "That's what we say, you have to take it slow and give yourself time."

With the Nor'Easter named 'Toby' taking his time developing yesterday, many crews were already out Wednesday morning in anticipation across Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

They are still out there over 24-hours later going on 'E' in terms of being sleep deprived.

"I have to commend our public works crews throughout the county, they've been in since early morning yesterday and working throughout just to stay on top of the heavy and rapid downfall of snow," Golden said.

Here's what some of the roads in Ocean County look like this morning:

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