Wolf Flores has a 12-year old daughter undergoing chemo treatments for Leukemia. He's showing her first hand how helping other kids who are facing challenges can heal the world.

Wolf Kallista and Gordon Ramsay

Wolf is setting a great example for his daughter Kallista about taking the focus off of yourself and finding someone else who needs help.

I met Wolf when he put out a request on social media to see if anyone could help him reach Gordon Ramsay while he was in Toms River taping one of his TV shows. You see, Wolf's daughter Kallista, a middle schooler, has been undergoing painful chemo treatments in her fight against cancer, and during her hospitalizations she would watch Gordon Ramsay's cooking competition shows to take her mind off of her problems.

Wolf thought it would be really nice if such a celebrity as Gordon Ramsay could take a few minutes out of his day to make a little girl's dream of meeting him come true. Well, the social media outpouring was tremendous and Gordon did indeed find out about Kallista and showed up to surprise her. It was all so heartwarming and you can see the photos and video of that by CLICKING HERE.

Not only did Kallista get to meet Gordon Ramsay, but the outpouring of help and support from the community for her and her family after finding out she was battling cancer at such a young age was overwhelming.

Since then, Wolf decided that he wanted to pay it forward by helping other kids who are suffering to meet some of their favorite celebrities and heroes and has arranged some really tear-jerking moments for NJ kids with illnesses or heartbreaking circumstances to meet famous sports figures and even singers like Nick Jonas and John Mayer.

You see, Wolf is the kind of man that doesn't give up. He feels that with the stature and fame celebrities have, the LEAST they can do when they are in town is reach out to touch the life of a young one who may be grasping for any hope during a dark storm. What is 15 minutes out of a celebrity's life to make a once-in-a-lifetime memory for a child?

Wolf has gone above and beyond to contact these celebrities and doesn't give up until he succeeds. Because he knows firsthand that time is of the essence and some of these kids are running low on time.

He's named his Facebook page Wolf's Dream Warriors. He is using social media to spread the word and to raise awareness, funds, and items in need for kids, young adults, and families facing health challenges as well as to try and make them smile with a visit from the person they have hoped to someday meet.

I'd like to personally thank you, Wolf, because I have seen what you have done first-hand and will continue to help you in any way I can when we need to enlist the help of our community to help a child in need. You are one of the good guys and setting an amazing example for your daughter.

As for Kallista, she recently came to visit us one day in the studio so maybe you heard her on our morning show. She was adorable on the air. As she continues to battle her cancer my prayers are with this strong, young, smart, beautiful girl. You will beat this!!!


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