It’s hard to find a hidden gem at the Jersey Shore, since we’re so well known and often visited. But sometimes something is hiding right there in plain sight.

Amidst the parks and bridges and pizzerias that NJ Mom listed among the Garden State’s hidden gems (none of which were at the Jersey Shore) there was one hidden gem right in our midst.

And before you get upset that the Jersey Shore wasn’t represented among the parks or pizzerias, they kind of did make up for it by naming an entire Jersey Shore town on the hidden gem list.

That’s right. If you know and love Ocean Grove, then you know and love one of the great hidden gems of the Jersey Shore. And I am 100% behind that decision. There are few towns in the state that can match Ocean Grove’s charm, peacefulness and beauty.

Trip Advisor boasts about the beach and of course the Great Auditorium. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Let’s just hope the added publicity doesn’t pierce the quiet we love so much about Ocean Grove.

And really, isn't the Great Auditorium just one of those places that people will be telling stories about 100 years from now, just like we hear old Asbury Park stories now.. It's like living a piece of history right here at the Jersey Shore.

Ocean Grove is, of course, listed  in the National Register of Historic Places and the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. You can get more Ocean Grove details at the Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce website.

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