We have had the honor of getting to know Sophie at our live Asbury Park morning shows. And now she has finally found the courage to publish her story -- one of only a few still able to do so.

(Sophie Stach Virgilio...then and now...that's her as a young girl on the book cover, photo fromm TSM)

Sophie Stach Virgilio, it is an honor and blessing to know you. This gentle soul greets us every Friday morning as she strolls the Asbury Park Boardwalk during our morning show. Her smile makes everyone just a little better.

We met Sophie (an Ocean Township resident) several summers ago and look forward to seeing her every week on her morning walks (God bless her that she can still take them...even after a stroke.)

We would always encourage Sophie about publishing her stories, and now she has done so. The title of her book is Goat in the Attic and Other Stories. This book is a memoir of a young girl's memories of Hitler's occupation of Poland.

Sophie's memories include moments of such fear and terror that it is a wonder she was able to ever able to bring those emotions back to the surface to write this book. But Sophie also paints us such beautiful picture of her childhood despite the constant fear of being brutally killed, as so many were.

You can meet Sophie when she holds a reading and discussion this Saturday, June 8th, 2 pm, at the Ocean Township Library.

You can also get the printed book or the EBook on all major digital platforms including Amazon, iTunes and Barnes & Noble.

To contact Sophie: ssvirgilio@gmail.com

CLICK HERE to get the book.