So here we are in the first week of the new year and yes Christmas and New Year's is now behind us, so I get that Valentine's Day decor is out in-store, it's our next holiday so it's time to start thinking about chocolates, flowers, and cupid.....but?

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But...what about St. Patrick's Day? Yes, the "green" is already making an appearance on store shelves and I gotta wonder if this isn't rushing things a bit?


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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


Now don't get me wrong one of my favorite holidays is St. Patrick's Day. I cook a huge corned beef and cabbage dinner every year for the family. We decorate the house in green and I love going to the Ocean County St. Patrick's Day Parade, but it's too soon in January to see leprechauns out lol. Let me deal with Cupid first, please.

We like the holidays and it's a time to make our home look different at various points of the year. My wife does a great job decorating for various holidays and even though we just put Christmas away, I'm sure soon she will want her "red" storage bins with all her Valentine's Day decor out. So for a few weeks, we will have a red interior in the house.

I understand it's all about marketing, but maybe pump the brakes a bit on St. Patrick's Day in I have to grab any St. Pat's decor I want now or it will be all sold out by March...


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