Who's ready for some fun and a hug squeezy hug?  It’s time to spread the love!  You and your family still have time to join in a local Valentine's scavenger hunt!

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Every year the Point Pleasant Beach Rec Committee hosts the “Show Us Your Heat” scavenger hunt downtown and not only is it super fun, but it's also super sweet.

It happens in the shopping district downtown on February 11th and if you are a chocolate fan you are going to love it this year!

The co-host for the event is Sweet Revenge Custom Chocolates…you had me at choc…

By the way, Sweet Revenge is known for epic hand-crafted milk and dark chocolates by the pound.  They even make these gorgeous beach-themes chocolates and party trays.  If you crave the sweet and salty, you have to try their caramel and chocolate-dipped pretzels.

There is still time to register and since they cut it off at 300 kids you should sign up asap.  Your kiddos have to be under 12 to participate and hopefully win some really fun prizes!

Here Are Some Details

Check-in is at 522 Bay Ave

The rain date is February 12th 

The scavenger hunt is bingo-themed!  You will get a bingo card and then walk around all the local shops until you find your bingo shapes in the participating stores. The first to yell BINGO with their completed card wins!

There will be something for everyone no matter your age because the event will also have crafts, face-painting, and a DJ mixing it up!

Register here!

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