Shout out to King Ezekiel for some of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard in my live and Shiva for showing up just in time.

Now, one of the biggest debates going on in my head after watching this episode is what should our group do with the Saviors who surrendered?

I understand you cannot kill everyone who is against you in order to eventually rebuild the world, but the Saviors are not like most groups. And didn't the encounter Tara and Jesus had with that random stray who "peed his pants" prove a point? The Saviors are manipulative, dangerous, and cold-blooded killers. Could they ever truthfully live in peace, even if Negan is taken out of the equation?

Harmony Gerber
Harmony Gerber

Now, I'm sensing that their plan is only within the first few stages but I can't even begin to explain the profanity that was coming out of my mouth when Morales' face was revealed. In case you need a refresher, Morales and his family were with Rick back in Atlanta in Season 1 and split off when the others decided to go to the CDC.

But a lot has changed, and I do completely understand Morales sticking with the people he has been surviving with. Basically this will be a battle of past versus present. The Saviors who Morales supports now or our group who Morales was once a part of. bet is on Rick. See you walkers next week.

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