For this next announcement, you'll need to run over to your piggy bank and grab a $10.00.

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Yes, that is all you will need.

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There are big celebrations set to happen at movie theaters across the Garden State this Saturday, September 3rd.

*Moment to process that somehow, it is already September*

First and most importantly: This deal that I am going to tell you about is only happening for ONE DAY.


According to, In honor of National Cinema Day, major movie theater chains are going to offer movie tickets for no more than $3.00 each in honor of National Cinema Day.


This deal will be offered across the board no matter the film or the moviegoer's age. Participating brands include AMC and Regal Cinemas.

“After this summer’s record-breaking return to cinemas, we wanted to do something to celebrate moviegoing,” said Jackie Brenneman, Cinema Foundation president according to “We’re doing it by offering a ‘thank you’ to the moviegoers that made this summer happen, and by offering an extra enticement for those who haven’t made it back yet.”

Select theaters will also be offering food discounts to sweeten the deal even further.

According to, AMC Theaters will be also be offering a popcorn and drink combo for just $5.00 but this deal will also only be available on Saturday, September 3rd.

There is one more major piece of good news to share.

This national celebration is being considered a trial run and if all goes smoothly, this could become an annual tradition.

Could you imagine? $3.00 movie theater tickets every year?

Friends at the cinema watching a movie

One can only hope!

So when you go to the theater this Saturday, eat, drink but also behave so this killer deal can live to see another day.

Now could you please go grab me a box of milk duds and I'll go grab us seats? Close to the front good?

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