First of all, R.I.P. Shiva, a loyal companion and fearless warrior. My heart broke during your final scene. You'll never be forgotten.

King Ezekiel was truly put to the test this week. Not only does he lose a large portion of his army to a blind sided attack but then loses his right hand gal, the gorgeous tiger Shiva. However, I am not really sure if I agree with his idea of trying to step down from the role of being King. You are their leader and have been guiding them thus far. Unfortunately, death and loss are inevitable during a war. But if you step down, his people will be left without knowing what to do next.

Am I wrong?

Plus, I would not be surprised if our King bites the bullet within the next two episodes (yes that is all we have left). They teased Glen's death repeatedly before actually giving him the ax....should we mentally prepare for the same situation here too?

Just a minor thought....Carol continues to impress me. From Season 1 to now, her character's story has one of the most drastic arches and honestly, I am at home cheering her on every week.

And finally....I love, love, LOVE, the closing line of this episode. "Let's go see if this a**hole is still alive," said Rick. He better hope for his sake he is not.

Until next week's episode on AMC!

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