King Ezekiel, it is time for you to get up. You may have stripped the word "king" away from your title but the kingdom, rick, and the others have not and are still relying on you.

Maggie is much smarter than I think any of us would have ever predicted. When she brought the prisoners in, I was worried that she had forgotten just what type of world she lives in. But behind closed doors, she reveals that she is only keeping them alive in case they are needed. If not, they cannot live.

And did anyone else hoot and holler when Gregory got put into that little prison with them!? Good riddance...

Now luckily Rosita, Michonne, Daryl, and Tara intercepted the truck that could have lead the walkers away from the Sanctuary. But what on earth are they up to? I hope their rash decisions do not ruin everything that they have worked for.

And finally, Rick where on earth did your brains go? Not only did you approach a group that has already backstabbed you, but you did so without any back up?! You made a lot of heavy promises -- including destroying them if they do not join your cause -- and now you are a naked sitting duck. I hope this was a part of your plan because otherwise, we could be in some serious trouble.

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PLUS, looks like Morgan may have something to do with the Fear The Walking Dead crossover.

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