I called it. Maggie should have never let Gregory back in and this week it is confirmed that he is indeed Negan's mole! Man when Rick discovers his agenda, he is going to be PISSED!

I hated seeing Rick and Daryl fight. Plus, their stupidity destroyed resources that our group could have desperately used. But everyone can make a mistake or two, especially after the world has ended.

I am beyond shocked that Gabriel made it out of the trailer with Negan alive. But Negan is not a stupid man...unfortunately. He knew that he needed Gabriel's help in order to even have a chance to make it out alive. They even gave Negan a glimpse of human-like emotions...who knew?

But as it turns out, Gabriel sticking behind was a part of the plan the entire time! Time to get Maggie's doctor back where he belongs. Well played, guys.

Do you think Dwight is screwed? Eugene has made the connection of who the mole within the Saviors is, but do you think he will come forward? Is he truly Negan or will he remember where he originally came from.

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