I have said it before and I will say it again: There is us and then there is The Saviors. Point blank.

Our group is still butting heads over what to do with the Saviors that surrendered themselves two episodes ago and it is getting out of hand.  Make a decision, and hopefully the right one, because now we even lost Morgan for the time being because of it. .

Rick and Daryl continue their hunt for the Saviors' guns and King Ezekiel and his group made their way pretty smoothly....until the last few seconds of the episode that is. You can't seriously be surprised. The takedown of the Saviors has not hit any major road blocks and I was becoming majorly suspicious. Is it upsetting? Absolutely. But unfortunately, pretty expected because otherwise it would have just been too easy.

And finally, if you were Maggie, would you let Gregory back into the Hilltop? I for one say ABSOLUTELY NOT! Can you spell traitor?

PS. Morales' second appearance was a bit of a tease. He is now Negan, shocking, and ended up being taken out by the people he left so many months ago in Atlanta. And the bromance wins once again.

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