First I’d like to say I didn’t come up with the list named “Hole in the Wall” lol I am not quite sure if its a good one or a badge of honor lol. I will say I am a fan of trying new “local” places, so if that translates to “hole in the wall” then I am in.

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This article originated from and it ranked the best “hole in the wall” burger joints in each state in America. I decided obviously to focus on our winner here in New Jersey.


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According to the best “hole in the wall” burger joint in New Jersey is in Bergen County. White Manna hamburgers in Hackensack was named number one in the Garden State. The article said “Founded in 1939, White Manna (not to be confused with White Mana in Jersey City) is one of the nation's original slider joints.”

I do like sliders, so I’d like to visit White Manna and try theirs. The 83 year old burger joint has “thinly sliced onions fried with the beef, and potato buns steamed on top.”

Sounds to me like 3 sliders may be in order when I visit White Manna in Hackensack. More onions the better, right? So add this to my must visit Jersey landmarks bucket list.

If you have ever been to White Manna in Hackensack we’d love to hear your review, post your comments below the photo gallery and let us know if this is the best slider you have ever had. 👇🏻

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