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Because legal marijuana sales are less than six months away for the state of New Jersey!


But just like with everything else, there is a catch that has just been announced on NJ.com and MSN.com.

Here is what we know as of now according to NJ.com:

1. If you are 21 years old and older, you can legally, "purchase and possess [up to] one ounce of marijuana."

2. There is now a "Decriminalization Law: which ends arrests and fines for possession, allows people to possess up to six ounces of marijuana without any legal consequences."

So yes, a lot of progress has been made when it comes to weed in New Jersey.

But this odd, new announcement has to do with WHAT dispensaries will be allowed to sell when that magical date finally arrives.

Here are the types of marijuana that has been given the green light thus far: flower form/leaf form, pills, tablets, capsules and chewable forms (for example: gummy lozenges)

Did you notice something missing on that list?


That's right, "edibles that resemble food products like brownies, cookies and chocolate are barred," according to MSN.com.


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Stupid...I know. If people are going to use THC to get high, what does it matter how?

Here is the reasoning according to Jeff Brown, the Executive Director of Commission:

“Products like cookies and brownies are not included because those are food products and are produced in commercial kitchens – not manufacturing labs," Brown explained. “The regulation of commercial kitchens implicates different state agencies, different laws and different regulations than manufacturing labs.”

So in laments terms, someone could legally purchase marijuana at a dispensary and then use that weed to make edibles in bulk for sale.

News Flash: Marijuana -- both in flower form, carts and more -- have been made and distributed on the black market for years now. So....uh???

Well this comes down to one thing: MONEY!

This loophole with edibles means that the state cannot regulate the product, tax the product and therefore make money off the product.

Sound familiar? Yea...it is basically the same argument that is used when anything new is trying to be legalized in this state.

But even with regulations being a factor, this is still a HUGE mistake.

According to MSN.com, "the temporary ban could be a missed opportunity for New Jersey. Edibles are popular products, and the U.S. and Canadian market is projected to hit $4.1 billion by next year."

Read that again. $4.1 BILLION DOLLARS could be lost. Kind of goes against the whole regulation and money idea up above.

And to answer the question of why edibles are exploding,  it is because they give people a more discreet way to use marijuana.

May I also add that edibles legally sold in New Jersey have another safety benefit: the individual doses pre-marked so consumers know how much they should eat.

The alternative is to guess and I think we all know how disastrous that little experiment can turn out.

I thought I was growing dog hair. That is all I will say about that.

Many have also expressed concern over children accidentally eating these edibles by mistaking them for actual cookies and other sweet treats.

Well...this issue should be handled by the parent and/or legal guardian.

Keep your edibles in a secret cabinet, your night stand or somewhere out of reach so there is no chance your kids can get their hands on them.

There are a lot of other dangerous products in a typical household that need to be kept out of kids' reach like alcohol and bleach that aren't banned. So???

The solution to this would be to come up with a set of rules and regulations so that edibles can't be made in anywhere other than manufacturing labs for safety purposes.

If something is made "under the table," they can put whatever they want without disclosing all the ingredients.

Okay...okay....this is the one area where I must say...you got me.

Even in flower form, marijuana can be laced with other chemicals and drugs so the same can be done to edibles for sure.

I don't want to eat a special cookie that could have god knows what in it.

Clearly I am someone who is pro-marijuana in all facets and am looking forward to seeing the state benefit from weed sales in the Garden State.

I am not 10000% what the solution is, but if it can be figured out FAST...please?

Take a look at NJ.com and MSN.com for more information on this topic.

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