Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

New Jersey has banned smiling? Deep down it wouldn't surprise you would it?  Well it's not true. Actually, it is a little true.

The Motor Vehicle Commission has banned smiling for a very good reason.  Smiling for your driver's license photo could interfere with new face recognition software. The MVC says there's no law against smiling, but they urge you to tone it down for the photo.

We should have no problem with this. When you're taking your photo, just imagine you're stuck in Parkway traffic again..or think about much you pay in taxes...or think about how much it cost to get on the beach this summer...you get the point.

Now that I think about it, it's great news for the MVC that they have to ask people to NOT smile when they're there. That's some amazing progress from the years when you couldn't pay somebody to smile! So remember, no matter how happy you are here in the Garden State, don't show it on your license!

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