This week Jonathon Holloway, president of our state university, Rutgers, admitted their sports program will never turn a profit.

Their budget is $118 million, and they only took in $73 million. Now if it were a private college or any private enterprise, this would not stand. Entities in the private sector (the real world) have a bottom line to account for. The State of New Jersey doesn't.

Evidence: the state debt. At last count, the state of New Jersey's debt is FIVE TIMES the state's total budget. If you decide to stay here and raise a family your kids and grandkids will bear the burden of this reckless nonsense.

But at least Murphy and his crowd don't tweet out mean things and look orange.

So should we be surprised that the state university has a sports program that is hemorrhaging money? Of course not. Unfortunately for Rutgers and any college sports program in this state looking to turn a profit, college sports are not the cash cow that they are in many other states.

We have so many professional sports teams between New York and Philadelphia and our own to be able to support collegiate sports like other parts of the country. If you look up the highest-paid state employee in New Jersey, it's not a school superintendent or a state supreme court judge.

It's the head football coach, Greg Schiano.

Is a 5 wins and 8 losses record worth it? Nah, but it doesn't matter — it's only your money and we should be used to it. Keep those checks coming, no matter how much the state is losing, or it's sports teams.

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