There are certain gifts that we as humans were given in this world and the invention of chocolate was one of them. I'm not sure why Joseph Fry does not have his own national holiday, but in case you didn't know, he is responsible for creating the very first chocolate bar.  Epic right?  He later started a little company called Cadbury, maybe you've heard of it?  Obvi, Mr. Fry is national treasure status, and if he were still with us, I know he would be pleased that the largest chocolate expo in America is being held right here in New Jersey.

This chocolate expo is the largest in the country and our fine state is the host.  Make sure to get your calendar right so you can be at The Chocolate Expo 2022!

Chocolate Chef Chuck Fishman Photo credit: Chocolate Expo 2022 Facebook
Chocolate Chef Chuck Fishman Photo credit: Chocolate Expo 2022 Facebook

Sadly, this event is just one day but we can have a lot of fun (and do a lot of damage) in that time right?  It all happens on March 13th at the New Jersey Expo Center in Edison from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

You can only image the wonderful creations you'll find among hundreds of vendors who specialize in everything dessert.  I know you are all wondering if there are samples and the answer to that is an emphatic YES.

They will have everything from chocolate covered Oreos and fruit to chocolate dipped bacon and chocolate drizzled ants!  If it has chocolate on it, I'll try it!  Please don't forget the fudge. I know this is going to be very controversial, but my favorite flavor of fudge is actually vanilla. I know, blasphemous.

The Chocolate Expo has a very clear message..."chocolate fixes everything" and I have to agree!  Check them out on Facebook here.

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