Ugh. Another closing. Super depressing, I know.

This next restaurant closing at the Jersey Shore is happening in Monmouth County.

The BYOB restaurant's name is Osteria Radici and after being open for two years, the owner and chef, Randy Forrester, announced that they will be closing their doors on October 19th. (Which is actually their two-year anniversary) 

It is kind of surprising because this Jersey Shore joint has received a lot of positive press over the last two years.

1. Forrester was nominated twice for a James Bear Award

2. Osteria was named a semifinalist for best new restaurant just 4 months after they opened and was the only restaurant in NJ on the list.

3. Forrester was nominated as for best chef in the Mid-Atlantic THIS YEAR.

What am I missing here?

AHHHH...but of all comes down the money.

To get a liquor license in New Jersey is VERY expensive and Forrester believes that not being able to offer specific wines and cocktails alongside their dishes means that customers are missing out on the full experience.

We are definitely sad to see you go.

But I have a feeling this is not the last we will be hearing of Forrester.

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