We are slowly starting to get a taste of what the "new normal" will be like at the Jersey Shore. One Jersey Shore town is looking to get some restaurants open for diners.

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Mayor John Ducey announced during a council meeting earlier this month that restaurants will be able to apply for a permit for outdoor dining while the state restrictions remain in place. And yes, the Mayor is even looking to allow establishments with a liquor license to serve.

We will know the results on Wednesday.

Mayor Ducey made a very good point during his initial pitch in early May.

Walmart and Target are not only selling food but also clothes, electronics, and more, while the smaller boutique stores are not allowed to be open.

There are many double standards when it comes to which businesses are allowed to operate, and which aren't.

With beaches and parks in Brick and across New Jersey opening, it was only a matter of time before outdoor dining was addressed.

But, how do we make this happen while keeping customers and staff safe?

JerseyShoreOnline.com is reporting that only restaurants with an existing indoor dining area would be allowed to apply for a permit. Social distancing would be exercised, face coverings would be mandatory for employees, and restaurants would need to operate with limited capacity.

The mayor added:

We need to get our small businesses back open. Our small businesses are getting killed while corporations are coming out big because they’re selling whatever they want.

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