Many New Jersey parents have had enough. COVID fatigue is an understatement and they want their kids back in school, or at least the choice to send them back asap. In fact, a rally is being organized as I write this to get kids the right to go back to school.  Even though Gov Phil Murphy said just yesterday that all school buildings in the state of New Jersey would be open by this September, for some parents that's just not enough.

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A rally called the One Year Out of School: NJ Rally for In-Person Learning is being organized for Saturday, March 13 in Bridgewater at the municipal complex, in Rand Park in Montclair and another in Hamilton (Mercer).  Rallies just like it are scheduled in 25 states as well. To read more about it click here.

There are some parents that are hanging on to the good news that more vaccines are rolling out in the coming weeks to help get this pandemic under control. To add even more assurance to this statement, Gov Murphy said in fact, he hopes it’s a lot sooner than September that kids go back into New Jersey schools.

The Gov has left it up to individual districts to determine how and when school will be back in session and ready to return. Some parents are fighting back saying that teachers should be considered essential and that their kids should have a choice to go back now.

Since Gov Murphy declared a state of emergency nearly a year ago my kids have been learning from home and I know there has been a loss in education not to mention socialization. This upcoming school year will be appreciated in ways it has not been in a long time or maybe even ever.  Where do you stand on this issue? Are you ready to send the kids and teachers back now or are you content waiting for September and the rest of the vaccines to roll out? I would love your opinion! Email me anytime

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