This is simply heartwarming.

(Photo from Asbury Park Police Officer Connie Breech)

An incredible group of young adults (Peace BYU and company) who came to Asbury Park to march (in the rain) on Friday evening did more than just rally for peace and protest racial violence.

They learned that there is a great need among many of the city's residents who can't afford to feed their families, and that the Asbury Park Police Department was holding a food drive in their municipal parking lot Saturday.

So this group of demonstrators decided to come back the next morning-- bearing a van full of food donations and staying to help deliver what was collected to the local food pantries in the city.

(Photo from Asbury Park Police Officer Connie Breech)

Seeing the police and the peaceful protestors work side by side for the good of an ailing community brings tears to my eyes. Thanks to all of the donations made on Saturday, the Asbury Park Police Department was able to help 6 different groups within the city by supplying them with food.

Actions sometimes speak louder than words, and setting an example of peace, love, kindness, unity and respect is something we can all use more of.

Black Lives Matter.

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