A young child from Cape May County definitely has an inspiring story that I think we can all learn something from.

His name is Kanen Keating-Wear and he was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma which is a rare from of cancer that impacts the bones and soft tissue.

But that did not stop this 11-year-old inspiration from sending out a very positive message with the brand new children's book that he wrote himself:

"Days can be rough, but there is a glimmer of hope with the sun and beach."

The book is called HurriKanen Fights Back and you should definitely purchase one because 50% of the profits are given directly to Kanen's family, 25% goes to nonprofit organization Books That Heal which help pediatric patients write their own books and the revenue will go towards covering the cost of creating each book, and 25% is given to the hospital or organization that refers a child to Book That Heal (if there is a referral).

I know this is a tad farther than some of the other Jersey Shore stories that we share but despite distance, this is a cause that I think all of the Jersey Shore can agree that we should get behind. Plus, all you have to do is head to Amazon to order the book (see link below)!

Kanen is actually going through yet another battle with the disease and is hopefully going to be included in an upcoming round test trials for a new drug that will hopefully help his condition. To purchase a copy of this book or for more information on Kanen, click HERE.

To contact Kanen's mother, Karen Knight, shoot her an email at kknight@cmcherald.com.

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