It sounds like anything and everything that we enjoy is going to run short during this coronavirus pandemic so let's just mentally prepare ourselves.

We have run short on toilet paper, coins, and even aluminum cans so far....ya know, just to name a few.

What is the next shortage, you ask? It's one that I personally didn't see coming.... PEPPERONI! 

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A lot of smaller pizza shops have revealed that the cost of pepperoni is much more expensive with some reports saying that prices have doubled! (Chains have not yet been affected by this since they buy ingredients using long-term contracts)

Other meat products such as ground beef did increase in price at the start of the pandemic but has since returned to a more "normal" price range. (Whatever that means)

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However, pepperoni continues to be priced higher than usual because of the short supply and high demand.

Experts say that there are two many reasons that there is a pepperoni shortage and they are:

1. Meat manufacturers have to operate with a reduced number of workers to comply with social distancing rules. Fewer workers means less is getting done in a typical work day which means that there is less pepperoni to go around.

2. Experts also believe that people are turning to comfort foods during the pandemic. Plus, everyone has mainly been eating at home and food deliveries are at an all-time high. And what is one of the most popular orders: Pizza. And what is one of the most popular pizza toppings? Pepperoni. Makes sense. everything else, this change is not permanent. Hopefully if we all do what we need to do, everything can return to "normal" and our beloved pepperoni will be back!

Looks like pepperoni lovers are going to have to settle for plain pizza for the time being.

But don't worry.... I am here for you.

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