New Jersey parents are being forced to face their worst nightmare: they can't find food to feed their babies.

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Shannon Holly just recently alerted you that Governor Phil Murphy has officially declared a state of emergency because of the severe shortage of baby formula.

This state of emergency is meant to protect the public from those who planned on price gouging to make an extra buck.

Unsplash, Emanuel Minca
Unsplash, Emanuel Minca

Governor Phil Murphy will not tolerate it.

"To any retailer who may try to take advantage of vulnerable families during this shortage, let me be clear that this reprehensible action will not be tolerated. And to any New Jerseyan affected by this shortage, rest assured that my administration will do everything in our power to ensure families have access to the formula they need."

Besides the fact that you would be taking advantage of people in a desperate situation, you would also face some serious consequences if you decide to price gouge anyway,

If you suspect someone is price gouging, report it HERE.

I have even more important news in regards to this shortage that parents need to be aware of.

Photo: Shawn Michaels
Photo: Shawn Michaels

According to, the NJ Poison Control Center issued two urgent warnings due to the influx of false information circulating on social media.

The first inaccuracy that needs to be address is that no matter what you read, know that it is NOT safe to dilute or water down baby formula. If you see a source that states it is safe, it is false.

The second inaccuracy to be aware of is that parents should not experiment with homemade or Do-It-Yourself baby formula recipes as alternatives.

"BOTH can result in serious harm to infants," according to

I am sorry because I know both pieces of information will only limit parents' options if they can't get their hands on more baby formula.

Baby Formula Shortage
Baby formula is displayed on the shelves of a grocery store in Carmel, Ind., Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Parents across the U.S. are scrambling to find baby formula because supply disruptions and a massive safety recall have swept many leading brands off store shelves. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Fellow Jersey mom, Shannon Holly, is aware of this and therefore, put together some hacks you can try to track down formula.

One of the biggest suggestions is to dial 2-1-1. A "community resource specialist" will work with you to try and find what you need.

Stay strong parents. Being a mom or dad is already one of the toughest jobs out there.

Now you add this shortage to their plates? I can't even imagine.

The second I get any news on this topic that could help, I will let you know.

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