Brace yourselves folks, this one is gonna hurt.

Starbucks stores around the country are finding themselves out of the special syrup used to make their fall staple, the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Some stores are turning to Pumpkin Spice Via, the instant powdered version to make up for it. (Yuck.)

It's not because of a pumpkin shortage (there's no actual pumpkin in the PSL,) it's an increase in demand after an early advertising push.

Some saavy (or heartless) folks are buying up the instant pumpkin VIA packets to sell on eBay for marked up prices.

Madness, I tell you, MADNESS! People are apparently becoming emotional when they find they're local 'bux is out of pumpkin.

Really, people? It's gonna be okay.

First a bacon shortage, now pumpkin? What kind of food shortage would upset you the most? Share your comments below!