It is no secret that our hearts have broken several times with the news that yet another dog passed away while in the care of pet groomers -- some being right here at the Jersey Shore.

"It is sadly far too common for us to read of dog grooming deaths in the news," said Senator Kip Bateman. "People take their dog to the groomers with the reasonable expectation that their pets will be treated properly and returned to them clean and healthy, and not in a box."

I am not sure how many fatal accidents it is going to take but law enforcers are finally looking to do something about it.

A proposal is in the works to enforce that practicing pet groomers be licensed throughout the state of New Jersey and therefore will "elevate the dog-grooming industry to a regulated, licensed profession," added Bateman.

I seriously hope that this law becomes a reality because I could not even imagine dropping off my dog, Carolina, at a pet groomer to come back and no longer have her in my life.

It is a beyond scary and tragic thought and if there is action that can be taken to avoid it repeating itself, than I say do it. But do you agree?

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