Well the spooktacular day is tomorrow and everyone is buzzing with excitement over costumes and candy! However even though it is time to have fun, don't forget to keep your furry friends in mind.

Check out some helpful tips so that this Halloween is spooky but fun!

1. Trick-Or-Treat Candies Are Not For Pets

Let's think about this. What is one of the most popular treats to give away on Halloween? CHOCOLATE! That is a big no no. Let the pets enjoy the holiday with treats of their very own that are safe to consume.

2. Don't Leave Pets Out In The Yard On Halloween

Unfortunately, there are pranksters that have taunted, injured, or even killed pets over the years. Completely unacceptable but it is smart to take the steps so that it can be avoided.

3. Keep Pets Confined & Away From The Door

There will be countless strangers that are going to be coming and going from your front door. There are two different angles to look at this. The first is that your pets get scared by the various people that they are not used to seeing. And the other is that your pets could get aggressive and protective over these strangers entering their property.

4. Keep Glow Sticks Away From Pets

Luckily, the liquid inside of a glow stick is not toxic but it can make your pet very agitated, paw at their mouth, or even vomit. It's best to avoid the drama. If they do somehow get a hold of one, offer them some water and a small meal to clear the liquid from their mouths because it supposedly tastes terrible.

5. Don't Keep Lit Pumpkins Around Pets

Cute Dogs Wearing Halloween Costumes
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If you are using a candle to light up your pumpkins, keep those far out of reach of pets (and children) because they could easily burn themselves or start a fire without realizing it.

6. Keep Electric & Battery-Powered Halloween Decorations Out Of Reach

I don't know about you, but my dog and cat absolutely love chewing through any wires that they can get their hands on. But what they don't know is what is waiting for them when they chew through the plastic. So cool decorations definitely bring the spirit but as long as everyone is safe in the process.

7. Try On Pet's Costume In Advance

Don't dress your pet in a costume without trying it out first and if they hate it, don't use it. While you may think it looks adorable, the pet may be stressed out if they do not associate the costume with having a positive experience.

8. ID's Please!

Your door will opened and closed countless times and those little nuggets can be very good at sneaking by you when you least expect it. Halloween is one of the most important nights of the year for your pet to be properly identified so people know who to contact if he is found out and about.

Check out the original article as well as other pet tips for this Halloween here.

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