Were you lucky enough to snag Christmas Con tickets for the first-ever Hallmark Movie Channel actor-fest in NJ? Here are inside photos from our Point loyal listeners and the good and bad about how the event went for them.

(Photo from Elizabeth Long)

Elizabeth Long and Eileen Sarcone from Point Pleasant Boro got to meet some of my FAVORITE Hallmark Movie stars. And with Christmas right around the bend and those holiday movies in full swing on THREE Hallmark Channels, I would have LOVED to attend this event but wasn't able to.

Thank goodness for these two wonderful friends who listen to Lou & Liz in the Morning and kept in touch with me throughout their time at the Hallmark Christmas Convention which took place this past weekend in Edison.

The ticket prices were around $40 per day each (the event ran part of Friday through Sunday.) Plus fees. There was a 3-day pass  for around $170 with VIP access which allowed you to jump the line for autographs, enter the building a half hour early, and get priority seating for the talk sessions.

(Photo by Eileen Sarcone)

So, if you didn't go VIP, you had to pay extra (lots extra, if you had the money) and shell out $25-$30 per celeb photo. So you could see how that would add up.

Elizabeth and Eileen went on Sunday and said it was crowded but everyone there was happy to be there and the staff was nice, as were the volunteers (how do you get THAT gig, lol?!!)

I was also so happy to hear that all of my favorite stars, including the dreamy Andrew Walker (top/cover photo) and Lacey Chabert were all super nice.

Lines for a meet and greet with Lacey and Danica McKellar were the longest but each one took a minute or two with each guest. Very nice!

(Photo by Eileen Sarcone)

There was also a Christmas craft fair and a cute Hallmark room section for photos with a fireplace, Christmas stockings, Hallmark pillows, etc.

They say the discussion panels were good and they got to see a Gingerbread house competition, lol, typical of lots of Hallmark Holiday movies.

They were also able to listen to Erin Krakow, Jack Wagner, and Paul Greene talk about "When Calls the Heart."

And Andrew Walker and Jesse Metcalfe did a Q&A with the audience which the girls say was fun.

As they milled around and talked to others there, the general consensus was that the event was done well and they will definitely go back again if it's held here next year.

Here's the rest of their photo album. Sigh. So envious.  But...there's always next year!

(Photo from Elizabeth Long)
(Photo by Eileen Sarcone)
(Photo from Elizabeth Long)