The Hallmark Channel's Christmas movies have become a tradition to watch for some.

For several years now the Hallmark Channel brought us Christmas in July with those fantastic Christmas movies we all love, even though we know how most of them end,  throughout the month of July. I personally love them. And it continues every Friday night with a Christmas movie if you're looking for some cheesy happiness.

The new Hallmark Christmas movies begin October 21st, 2022. There will be new Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night leading up to Christmas.

DGLimages, Getty Images
DGLimages, Getty Images

If you have no idea what a Hallmark Christmas movie is, I'll let you know the plot of pretty much every movie. Most of the time it revolves around the main character that comes home to their hometown and fall in love with one of their old flames. They all end with a happy ending and a good Christmas feeling. Yes, they're a lot the same, but there's nothing better than snuggling on the couch with my pj's and a big comfy blanket watching a new Hallmark Christmas movie.

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Our favorite actresses and actors are once again in this year's line-up. Lacey Chabert, Tyler Hynes, Luke Macfarlane, Danica McKellar, and so many more. Familiar faces and movies that melt the heart will put you in the Christmas spirit.

Here's your 2022 Hallmark Channel Christmas movie schedule:

Who loves the Hallmark Christmas Movies? I can't be the only one. I will start watching them in October and continue to watch through Christmas. Hot Chocolate and Hallmark Christmas movies make it a happy holiday season in my house.

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