This special day is being held to raise awareness about "Breast Intentions."

Breast Intentions was created by two teens, Erica Rech and Mike Ruane, who were directly affected by breast cancer in their families. Now, many years later, the organization has helped many women and their families as they battle breast cancer.

You are invited to Pink Lemonade Day on Saturday, August 5th, at the Middletown Arts Center by the train station on Church St. There will be local bands, fun activities, face-painting and of course lots of PINK LEMONADE!

The mission of Breast Intentions is to help women and their families when they are faced with a breast cancer diagnosis. Sometimes they help in the most unusual ways...and if any money is donated at Pink Lemonade Day, they would like to help a local woman with breast cancer who has young children and financial burdens. Here are the words of one of the wonderful women associated with this non-profit:


Breast Intentions is a 501( c ) ( 3 ) charity started in New Jersey by two high school teens in 2007 who witnessed the first hand the struggles of treating breast cancer in their mother and two aunts all within the same year. Wanting to make a difference, they began selling t-shirts, candy, and bracelets to raise money for healing families in their community. The money raised has purchased wigs, prosthetics, paid living expenses, transportation to and from treatments, co-pays and utility bills. For more information on Breast Intentions visit and don't forget to "Check Yourself Out!"


When they were just 15 years old, cousins Erika Rech and Mike Ruane found out that one of their family members was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Six months later, a second family member was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Throughout diagnosis and treatment, Erika and Mike witnessed firsthand the devastating effect that cancer can have on a family. “The more we learned about breast cancer, and the treatment, the costs and the pain it causes, the more compelled we felt to help out families struggling with this disease.” They vowed to form an organization to help families navigate through a cancer diagnosis by providing emotional and financial support.

Erika and Mike began researching non-profits and raising money for families during their freshman year. They sold t-shirts, candy, and bracelets outside grocery stores and churches to raise money, and relied solely on donations to fund their cause. The cousins started Breast Intentions, formerly Breast Friends Forever, with about $1,000 in savings from birthdays and confirmation gifts. Several family members agreed to serve as board members, and an attorney, a friend of the family's, helped them acquire 501(c) 3 status. They made their first donation in August of 2007.

Today, Breast Intentions is run entirely by volunteers and all donations go to women in need. The charity is operating chapters in New York, Illinois and Massachusetts.


Although there are many fantastic charitable organizations that are focused on research and awareness, the goal of Breast Intentions is to help cure the day-to-day financial strain that a breast cancer diagnosis often brings. We pay heat and electric bills when families are stuck making the choice between necessities and medicine. We provide patients with car services to and from medical appointments. And we even make rent payments so that women don’t have to choose between medical expenses and a place to live. Basically, we address what keeps the patients up at night so that they can focus on healing.

All the money raised by Breast Intentions goes directly back to our local communities and being an all-volunteer charity, the donation impact is very high. That is why we need you.


Here are some of the ways that we have helped women and families who are struggling…

Food Cards, Gas Cards, Rent Payments, JCP&L Payments, Gas Payments, Medical Insurance/Co-Pays, Oil Payments, Lymphedema Sleeves, Train Tickets, Mastectomy Bras, Airfares, Car Payments, Cleaning Services, Cable Bills, Daycare Bills, Radiology Bills, Medical Procedure Bills, Auto Insurance Bills, Dental Insurance Bills, Mortgage Payments, Overnight Accommodations, Car Registration, Gift Cards, Lab Bills, Taxi Services, Verizon Bills, T-Mobile Bills, AT&T Bills, Maintenance Bills, Comcast Bills, Water Bills, Sewer Bills, Trash bills, Medication Bills, Car Repair, Water Heater, Advocacy, Shoes, Chemo Supplies, Clothes, Holiday Gifts.

For more info on Breast Intentions, CLICK HERE.

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