I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and you are not absolutely dying this Monday morning.

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If this morning is a struggle, let me distract you with a very topical food discussion.


Isn't she beautiful? Yes, just like boats....pizzas are always female.

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Google Maps

It is an obsession here in New Jersey. If you don't get why, that means you haven't tried it.

Over the weekend, I was at a bridal shower for one of my best friends in the entire world. Her name is Nadia.

She is a born and raised Jersey girl I met in college and I swear to you, her and I have the same exact mind with just about everything....except....pizza?

Let me explain.

A massive amount of wine was consumed during the shower so we whipped up a few frozen pizzas before bed.

"Can I trade for that slice? I want the soggy one," Nadia asked me.

"Soggy pizza?! You prefer soggy pizza?!" I shrieked.

"Yup! Saucy and soggy. My favorite," Nadia replied.

I was shooketh. I have known her for at least ten years and not once did I ever notice that the way she enjoys her pizza makes me cringe.

Instagram with permission from restaurant
Instagram with permission from restaurant

LIKE WHO ARE YOU!? And she was born in Jersey!

If you couldn't tell: I am a crispy pizza gal to the MAX!

Pizza is an artform in New Jersey and I feel like part of a slice's majestic beauty is that *crunch* you hear with every bite.

I started talking about this topic with Mario, our Production Director, and it resulted in a HUGE debate breaking out in studio.

So now, I am now turning to you for an answer. (Poll is down below) 

Soggy or Crispy Pizza??

"I'm gonna have to go crispy, but not burnt. Never understood those who enjoy pizza that taste like ash," - Mario

"I like both but if I had to choose I’d pick soggy because that means it’s probably loaded with sauce and that makes me very happy." -Lou Russo of our Jersey Shore Morning Show.

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Google Maps

"Crispy is the way to go. Soggy pizza is usually mushy and WHO LIKES MUSHY PIZZA?!" -Mama Murray.

"Soggy all the way!! I just think the cheese melts and taste better than it is when it is crispy." - Brian W.

"Not only does the pizza need to be crispy, but the cheese needs to be so hot that it burns the roof of your mouth! The only time soggy pizza is acceptable is when you had too much to drink lol!" -Adreana T. (FACTS!)

"You gotta go crispy, or go home. Pizza is all about a solid cheese-to-sauce ratio, a crispy outer crust that that's light and fluffy inside, and has the structural integrity to be eaten without collapsing in on itself! Soggy pizza is not able to hold a light, and if you like that 'Trenton Style Pizza' (sauce and cheese swirled) then just get out of town!" Afternoon host of 105.7 The Hawk, Doug B.

"I prefer crispy pizza cuz it's nice and crunchy if it's soggy it's all sloppy and it makes a big mess." - Pete (HOLLA!!!)

"It 100% has to be crispy on the bottom and piping hot.  Soggy pizza is gross," - Jim A. (The BIG Boss) 

"No self respecting North Jerseyan will eat a 'soggy' pizza.  LOL Crispy for me please!!" - Nicole K. of Townsquare Media.

"I love the texture of crispy/crunchy pizza because when you hear it, your mouth starts to water. Soggy pizza does nothing and is unappetizing," - Alyssa M.

"Crispy pizza -- enjoying soggy pizza should be a felony," -Kory K.

"The crunchy crust on the bottom with the doughy top is such a combo. Soggy crust and doughy top is just a mouth full of mush," - Jessica M. 

As of now, it looks like the results are pretty much a landslide in favor of crispy.

Where do you stand?

Please email me at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com because I have a point to prove to a long-time friend.

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